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We are one of the leading exporter/importer of Agro & Food products, Telecom equipments and consumer durables from India, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Poland, Ghana, Sweden, Central & Eastern Europe and Brazil. Growing as a professionally managed trading company we always believed in growth and strived to become pioneers in the similar line of business.

We endeavor to give best product quality to our esteemed costumers. We have cherished our consumers by giving them best quality products we have progressed with the team of experts who very well understand the changing needs of our consumers. Over years of hard work in this industry has been recognized globally, we as a quality conscious company, inspect each and every stage of the production with accuracy to maintain quality standard of the products.

Frequent research and developments have enabled us to keep up with technological trends, product innovations. We believe that maintaining best product quality is the key to customer satisfaction and ultimate success which gives us an opportunity to expand our business. In the broader community, we are committed to respecting human rights, eliminating employment discrimination and illegal labor practices, and respecting freedom of association. We do not accept or support the use of illegal, abusive, forced, or child labor within our operations, anywhere in the world.

We are in the business to serve the customer. He is the most important person. He is the only one who pays. He deserves the best quality and presentation at a worth of the price. We must have world class quality, at the lowest production & distribution cost. This will make us an unbeatable leader, and will have satisfied loyal customers.

We believed a reputation for integrity was a key business differentiator. UGC has earned and maintained a reputation for ethical business conduct ever since. Our business conduct is governed by our Guiding Principles:
  1. Have complied with the laws of all countries to which we are subject.

  2. We have not knowingly assist any third party to violate any law of any country, by creating false documents or any other means.

  3. We have not paid or receive bribes or participate in any other unethical, fraudulent or corrupt practice.

  4. We have always honored all business obligations that we undertake with absolute integrity.

  5. We have kept our business records in a manner that accurately reflects the true nature of our business transactions.

  6. Our managers and supervisors are responsible that employees, consultants and contract workers under their supervision are familiar with applicable law and company policies and comply with them. Further, they will be responsible for preventing, detecting and reporting any violations of law or our policies.

  7. Our employees are not become involved in situations that create a conflict of interest between the company and the employee. Every employee around the world is expected to exercise good judgment consistent with these values from the quality and safety of our products to dealings in our supply chains.




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